Platformer Tile Set – Part 3

So, game development is crazy time consuming, and it’s meant that I’ve overlooked this tutorial somewhat.  But, today, we’re going to look at shaping those tiles that you made during Part 1 & Part 2.  As a recap, your tileset should currently look a little something like this:

Part 3 Image 1

If you wanted to make a really simple platformer then these tiles would be fine to work with.  You could use the block as it is to make the ground and platforms.  To make it a little more interesting is super easy though, so lets have a look at making a variety of platforms for you to use.

3×3 Platform

The first thing we are going to make is a 3 block by 3 block platform.  This is going to be the basis of all the other platforms – once you’ve made this one the others are easy as “Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V”!!

Step 1 is to remove one row of pixels on the left, right and bottom sides:

Part 3 Image 5Next, you want to shape the edges of the left, right and bottom sides so that they don’t look so square.  It’s a good idea to use the edges of stones to help create the shape.  I went with this:

Part 3 Image 6The kay is to play around and do what you think looks good.  Experimenting is key!

Now we need to make one more 3 block by 3 block so that we create the inside edges as well as.  Take a copy of your original block and delete the middle block so that you have something that looks like this:

Part 3 Image 7Next, we need to move some blocks around using copy and paste.  You want to end up with this set looking like this:

Part 3 Image 8The purpose of making these blocks is so that you have shaped inside and outside edges to work with.  First, you want the floor (the yellow strip) to blend in to the side walls.  To do this, simply extend it a little on each side:

Part 3 Image 9

Now it’s time to start using more copy and paste to create those inside walls. To start, we need to delete these 3 blocks:

Part 3 Image 10Once you’ve done that, you need to go to your original shaped 3×3 block, and copy and paste the blocks as follows:

Part 3 Image 3

Your blocks should now look like this:

Part 3 Image 11

As you can see the top inside corners are looking a little angular and out of place, so let’s give them some shape too so that it all blends in:

Part 3 Image 12And that is your two groups of base blocks finished!

Part 3 Image 2

Next time we’ll cover making individual platforms and ramps, but for now I would love to see what you come up with!  Experiment with shapes and stone types, and share them with me on Facebook or Instagram!



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